XML Committee

The purpose of the XML initiative is to establish a common platform for receiving and sending content in the commercial office furniture industry.

Traditional formats such as SIF, CSV, EDI, etc. all ended up being specific to particular accounts and having multiple versions causing companies to spend time and resources reading and writing to various formats.

The XML schemas allow for a standard platform everyone can use while still accommodating specific usages to better integrate with individual requirements. For example, a manufacturer may only read a portion of the elements available in the order entry schema, but those elements are still common to everyone. This allows developers to provide industry wide solutions to their customers, and assures companies that any integration with the schemas is sustainable over the life of their business. For dealers representing many product brands, you can select the software applications that meet your needs and still do business with all of your suppliers with a single work order process flow.

The days of only being able to integrate with your primary suppliers should be behind us. Online, interactive applications utilizing the XML schemas become easier to integrate into your business requirements, improving communication and providing the information required to properly communicate with your customers on all of their business needs. 

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