Small Business Advocacy

We are the voice of the independent dealer community in Washington, D.C. and the states across the country. Tax reform for small business, sensible healthcare reform for all and broadening access to government contracts independent dealers are just a few of the policies we fight for each and every day! 

A study was conducted and found that, besides customers having the largest economic value on a company in the next three to five years (71 percent), the government/regulators would have the second largest impact at 54 percent. Thus, it is government affairs specialists' jobs to make sure the impact is positive and not harmful to small businesses and allow fair practices. There is no one particular characteristic of a company or business that allows it to have success in legislative outcomes. Each characteristic is only has a 50 percent chance of having the desired outcome. But, by combing more lobbyists, larger PAC money, etc., the chances of success increase. Source: McKinsey Survey

In addition to the efforts undertaken by Paul Miller, the OFDA's Director of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs, the association also participates in an annual fly-in to the nation's capital where we meet with legislators to discuss the issues that impact independent dealers who are also employers and, most importantly, their constituents. To learn more and to view photos from this year's legislative fly-in, CLICK HERE.


Helping Independents Gain Ground

IOPFDA is the industry-wide organization representing dealer interests on behalf of the Office Furniture Dealers Association (OFDA) before the U.S. and key state/local governments, insisting on fair and open competition in procurement, seeking small business healthcare reforms and protecting your business against misguided government proposals. Committee members monitor and represent the dealer community on issues including:


Furniture Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (F-FSSI)
IRS & Tax Issues


GSA/VA/SBA Procurement


IRS & TAX Issues

State Procurement

Interior Design Legislation

Particularly active through OFDA's sister organization, IOPFDA's National Office Products Alliance (NOPA) division, members have been pushing for fair and open competition at the federal, state and local government levels and encouraging officials to abandon so-called "strategic” sole-source contracting as their primary purchasing strategy. Most recently, a potential GSA Furniture Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI-F) has been announced and is fast becoming an issue for which OFDA has gotten involved.

OFDA plays a central role in helping dealers coordinate efforts and share information on government contracting developments and best-practice advocacy tactics. There is no substitute for unity of purpose when independents advocate for their worthy causes, whether at the federal, state or local level.