Nuts & Bolts: Fast Food Furniture and More

Nuts & Bolts: Fast Food Furniture; Finally, Furniture Emojis; and More

Fast Food Furniture

Italian design house Seletti’s Hot Dog sofa and Burger chair are raising eyebrows at department store Bergdorf Goodman. Retailing at $7,100, the sofa’s seat and back form the hot dog’s bun, and long cushion with a healthy line of mustard print makes up the sausage. The $4,950 Burger chair’s seat and back act as the bun, and a large cushion stands in as the patty. Accent pillows for both pieces are shaped like pickles and tomatoes.

On Board

Skateboarder and furniture maker Jeremy Vessels has combined his two interests: making furniture, décor and tableware out of salvaged skateboard decks in Portland, Ore. Vessel, who started making crafts out of his own boards long before figuring out how to do it professionally, creates his pieces by gluing boards together and shaping them, allowing the layered boards to create unique patterns and designs. “Skating is my first love. I even have a tattoo that says it,” Vessels said. “Making this stuff has been a way to do what I like and save a few boards from ending up in the trash.”

Death by Emojis

Online retailer Death by Modernism has found a new way to pay homage to Mid-Century Modern furniture and décor pieces by converting several iconic designs into emojis. “We’ve always felt like there was something missing when it came to the furniture emojis in iMessage,” said Raj Haldar, Death by Modernism’s founder. Available only as an emoji sticker pack and as a limited-edition framed print on the retailer’s site, the emojis include Eero Aarnio’s Ball chair, the Panton S-chair and several pieces by Charles and Ray Eames, who even make a cartoon cameo in the pack.

Recycled Relaxation

English manufacturer Lebus has partnered with textile manufacturer Texfelt to bring a new eco-friendly option to its cushions and mattresses. Made from recycled PET plastic bottles and other single-use plastics, the SpringBond material is now being used in about 29,000 seats every month in 25 of Lebus’ sofa designs. As an added bonus, the material, first created as a luxury carpet underlay, contains no PU foam or volatile organic compounds, making it fully recyclable at the end of its lifecycle. – (FurnitureToday)