IOPFDA Seeks Tariff Exclusions for Office Products and Furniture

IOPFDA recently cautioned the United States Trade Representative (USTR) regarding the use of tariffs against the office products and furniture industry. 

Testifying on behalf of the IOPFDA, Mike Tucker warned that a lack of alternative sources will essentially make the tariffs and additional tax on business owners and cancel out any benefits provided by the recent tax cuts. “Ultimately, all of these costs will trickle down to our consumers, many of which are small business who have benefitted tremendously from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA),” Tucker said. 

Another area of concern, according to Tucker, is the potential for tariffs to help counterfeiters targeting office products and furniture – an industry that has seen a 260 percent increase in counterfeits over the past year. 

“We are actually running the risk of promoting the purchase of counterfeits as a cost-effective remedy. This is counterproductive to purpose for implementing the tariffs, in the first place – to address the theft of intellectual property by the Government of China,” he said. 

Once the hearings come to an end, the USTR will reach a final decision on whether or not they will grant exemptions to the proposed tariffs. We will continue to be in touch with any further developments.

For more information on how this issue does or could impact your business, contact Mike Tucker, IOPFDA President and CEO at 410-931-8100.