OPIDS Committee

Office Products Industry Data Standards (OPIDS) Committee

The OPIDS committee works with wholesalers, manufacturers, and dealers to ensure each product has one part number and one unit of measure. If you sell any office products, you cannot place a single order with a wholesaler without the product identifiers this committee has worked to establish.

What exactly has the committee developed for the industry?

  • Manufacturer Alpha Codes (3-digit MAC)
  • Stock Keeping Unit item identification numbers (SKUs)
  • Units of measure at the wholesaler level of sales to dealers (UOMs)
  • Most frequently-used color codes (two- or three-digit)

In addition, working alongside the Business Solutions Association (BSA), the BSA/NOPA eContent Management Task Group has defined initial general objectives to include:

  • Determination of opportunities for industry standardization of selected types of commonly used e-content
  • Development of best practices in management and distribution of such e-content
  • Industry education/communication to encourage movement toward future harmonization of critical e-content items.


Click here to visit the OPIDS webpage.